Sunday, November 9, 2008

If I Sometimes Hold On to You Too Tightly... It Is Only Because I Love You So Much


Salam 9 November bersamaan 11 Zulkaedah.

Entry kali ni, aku juz nak share satu romantik poem taken from one of my favorite book.. Hehe..

If I want to take up a lot of your time,
it is because your presence
gives me so much pleasure.

If I worry about you too much,
it is my own fear
of losing the one I truly love.

If I don't want to share you
with anyone else,
it is because my heart wants
to be with only you.

If my eyes see only you,
and my heart holds room for
no one else...
It is only because I love you
so much.

-Nancy A. Prunty-

P/S: I hope you read this..

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