Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wedding Album


Salam 7 Januari 2010, bersamaan dengan 21 Muharram 1431.

This entry is so-called pissed-off entry. Huhu..

Wanna know why?!

Our wedding album till now not yet receive by us. Not only the issue, the photographer kept giving us excuses. Everytime I called him, he would blame the printing company la, the album had damaged so need to re-print la, he had to queue for the printing and bla bla..


At first, he had promised us, we will receive the album by end of October, means a week after ceremony. Because, we already made the payment directly after outdoor shooting (on the ceremony day). Then, when the day came, we called him, he told us that he need to wait for his turn to print the album since the printing took place at another company. He did not manage the printing process. So according to him, we have to wait till December la plak. Early December.

Oke, fine. We believed and wait.

I didnt call him on the early December. On 26th December, me and Mr Berry went back Kg for abg Mr Berry's wedding. So I took this opportunity to collect the album la kononnya. But unfortunately, once again, he told us that there are 5 pages in the album were damaged. Huhu.. Need to amend and re-print. He made another promised and convinced us, we will get the album by 1st week of January. He certainly said.

Haishhh. :(

This week is the 1st week of January, but for now, I'm not receiving any SMS or call from him. Just wait!

Feel very upset with the service!

Other couple who had married after us already received their wedding album.. Haish.. **sigh**

Yelah, nothing is perfect kan. Our wedding ceremony really satisfy us, but then we have to admit, nothing is perfect.. Huhuhu..

My only hope now, the wedding album will be in good quality and may satisfy both of us, so it can heal our dissapointment.

P/S: Emo entry!

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