Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Photography


Salam 28 Julai, 5 Syaaban..

I'm in thinking mode.. Hmmmm....................

These two days, i cannot let my mind from thinking another thing beside than wedding photography.. Surfing here and there, this web and that web, but don't know which one to choose. Haishhh..

I'm thinking either to choose Sticky album or Custom album???

Of course Custom album is more up to date and convenience to keep, compared than Sticky album, which is conventional method of keeping our photo, whereby we need to open the sticky part and put the photo one by one..

And also i got info that keeping our photo in the Sticky album for a long-term, will let our photo to be damaged. Huhu..

The problem is price package for Custom album is quite expensive than Sticky album.. :(

The price differs is quite some juga la.. So bagaimana ya?? In addition, my solemnization and wedding will be at separate day,it will require the photographer to come and cover the events in two days, so the charge also will be added la. Aduiii...

P/S: Still thinking to get the best decision.

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