Friday, June 19, 2009

Wedding Date


Salam 19 Jun, 25 Jamadilakhir..

Alhamdulillah, finally both of us had decided our wedding date.. ;)

But still need some more discussion between our parents. Hopefully there will be no problem with the date.

My mom starting to push me here and there, urge me to do this and that.. Hihi, well i'm her 1st daughter and it will be the 1st wedding in our family. Also for my fiance's family.. So that is not their mistake to feel excited in preparing those wedding stuff.

Me also feel the same way.. Not really having much time to get prepare. So starting from today, i have to follow the list and settle it step by step.. InsyaAllah..

By the way, I won't reveal the date yet, because i'm still have to wait the confirmation and approval from our family. From my side, i've already get the "green light".. :)

So officially the subject is to be announced. Hehehehe..

P/S: Keterujaan Melanda!


dzulhelmy said...

wah3.. asham dah decide nak settle down dah.. awl.. ;p


Kak Sarah,
Am in all smiles reading your nu post! :) Congratulations!

ComotGurl said...

--> Emy
Hihi.. Malu la emy comment di sini..


Finally kan..

--> Intan
Thanx a lot Intan.


nazratul athira (= said...

congrats long..wuaa..nti da xleyh duk ngn long.long asyk dok ngn abg syam jaa..huhuh

ComotGurl said...

--> Adik

Alaaa.. Mana de..

Walaupun long dah kawin nnti, adik tetap adik long..


Nobody can change that!

Believe me my sis..


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